((on the other note am i the only one who doesnt see the appeal of GHB x horuss?

i mean its ALWAYS portrayed as rape and not even kismesistude just a blalant fucking against the will often with horuss being enslaved and forced to see rufioh being tortured (i hate horuss x rufioh but i do know what horuss would feel)

horuss being drawn like a 9 year old is not helping.

i dont want to sound like a sjw (to hell with them) but its just… plain wrong. especially for people sexually abused in the past like me.

i also wonder why is this so popular… its more popular than horuss x kurloz (what makes no sense to me whatsoever, i know they didnt interact with each other in canon nor were hinted to but GHB is not even from the same timeline………………)

im not telling anybody to not ship or draw this and yes i have the tags saviored but im just stating my opnion you dont have to even read. i just find this ship plain wrong. IMO even cronus x mituna is less wrong than this (like 0,001 less) (unless the first ship is portrayed differently than the above, with more consensuality)

what doesnt change the fact that if you find someone being enslaved and then phisically and mentally tortured and then raped with NOT even a NOTE of sexual arousal from this hot… i might quietly judge you, without any bad remakrs, anon hate or the like. i just deeply in my heart will.

fictional characters or not. its still just sick. and no. im not telling you to stop. thats just what i think.))