((are there people who are willing to rp as dualscar to my painfully ooc filled with issues angst and gender fluidity darkleer? im so depressed i just need to rp with someone))

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((is there anyone who is still alive))

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((sigh its my birthday

/continues to be inactive/))

((anybody wanna ever play draw something with me? my nickname is jhud123

btw my drawings wil most likely be shit because my tablet is tiny as fuck and has kind of shitty…uh..touch sensor? but i hope they will be easy to read anyway))

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D==> Nobody would cry if I was gone…

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D==> After all these sweeps… I still have abso100tely no motivation to live.

D==> There is nobody to give me a purpose for it.

D==> I’m so sick and tired of this…

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((just unfollowed and refollowed few people to let you guys know im back :c

although i dont know who to pester lmao))

((btw one of the reasons why i was on hiatus is that because my muse just works bad on me.

i have mpd and it makes roleplaying worse because when my characters grows on me he becomes a part of me. i can hear his thoughts, his crying, his helplessness… and start crying with him. i stop doing whatever i usually do. and cry. just like marcy always cries.

you probably dont know but outside tumblr marcy is a self harmer. it was just a part of his character on rps outside tumblr, but it got out of control like everything. i subconsciously made him a black and white blog and starting posting there his thoughts and begging for relief, stuff like that… i even started scratching my own arm because of that, what’s definitely not cool. so i decided to just anbandon roleplaying him and seek some therapy. i do realize that this stuff is pretty uncool and makes no sense but it actually happens. 

sorry if any of you were worried about me, im here. for now anyway, i lost interest in homestuck i must say, but welp… he is still a part of me, what can i say. [im roleplaying league of legends with my gf now]))

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D==> Does anybody want to ask me things?

D==> I’m back.

D==> And not happy about it.

D==> Psh.